Saturday, July 4, 2009

Intel® Atom™ Processor is smallest processor, made with the smallest transistor in the world.
Intel® Atom™ processor as a whole made by desain newly, made with the small energy consumption, and in desain specificly for the requirement of peripheral of Mobile Internet and is easy to used.
Especial desire making of Intel Atom is requirement will a peripheral by desain newly, small form but have the high ability to handle the level of requirement of internet.
As a smallest processor, processor Intel® Atom™ supporting usage of Mobile Internet Devices with a new category for the peripheral of internet named by net book.
This Processor also represent technological basis for entire/all newest product of Intel like prosesor Intel® Centrino® Atom.

Any excellence this processor is :

  • Using efficient new peripheral to be more energy by performa is which very well used by entire/all technology of battery hafnium-infused 45nm new high-k silicon
  • Increase of energy Efficiency in smaller new desain so that energy used less than 1 watt untill 2.5 watt for the usage of peripheral mobile
  • Lengthening battery age when time idle so that make the energy used relative very small making peripheral remain to have the energy as well as will conserve energi


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