Monday, February 8, 2010

Nvidia officially introduce the Gf100, graphical prosesor for gaming. The producer directly challange the prosesor AMD ATI Radeon HD 5970.
According to Nvidia, this prosesor is claimed can improve the quality of picture, specially to lovely game.

More than anything else, Nvida claim the GF100 have supported the hardware Fire for the Windows of 7 Directx11.
Besides, that prosesor represent the first product of Nvidia which walk in Fermi architecture.
Besides supporting Directx11, prosesor GF100 also have the ability to support the technology DirectCompute, this represent old method used to make the animation object 3D seen even more true.
By DirectCompute also enable the developer do the maximization tasks, and media processing to increase computer ability.
Although have introduced this product, Nvidia not yet will discuss when this GF100 will be thrown to market and including price which on the market.

Processor as especial brain, also can cause the problem for the computer, one of them because happened by overheating so that can make the computer often restart and possible turn off sudden.
We need some tips to take care of the temperature processor, by ascertaining cooler processor (headsink) and fan must work better.

Following several things which require to be paid attention to relate the processor :
  • Ascertaining your tabletop prosesor have nub with cream by thermal paste.
  • Thermal Paste or Thermal Grease is functioning brooding materials to lift the heat from prosesor to headsink.
  • For the thermal paste which chromatic silver have the better quality compared to which white chromatic
  • Ascertaining casing have the fluent band sirkulasi, because less casing [of] sirkulasi will cause the component hardware in it, including processor, becoming hot quicker * Neaten the cable, especially compared to [by] wide and bigger fairish type ATA cable [of] cable SATA. natty Cable earn the memperlancar of air stream in casing
  • For the computer of personal, possible You can open the [cover/conclusion] casing, for the effectiveness of draught fluency, although might not as according to esthetics value and is not delicious seen [by] because hardware in it see from outside

Following especial tips to take care of the processor :
  • Deciding extention the electrics from Your computer. Let a few moments so that cooler headsink, later then open the headsink and fan from processor
  • Dissociating fan and headsink, then clean the fan with the wet cloth. Cleaning gap headsink from dirt, or clean by using soft comb or paintbrush. Drying headsink and no rest of water in headsink.
  • Reset the fan by headsink, then pair both to processor of like former.
  • You can conduct the treatment 3 moon once, especially in room which AC. But, if environment of many dirt, treatment can be conducted by every one month once.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Predominate the Intel Atom in market netbook ?

Don't worry, VIA ready to sometime technologically is newest.

They just release the break even prosesor of Nano 3000, its target is market of netbook and PC all-in-one.

This represent the router from previous series that is Nano 1000 and 2000.
According to VIA, its newest product can economize the energy 20% and have the performance 30% more pre-eminent compared to its predecessor.

VIA claim the Nano 3000 can handle the compared to better computing operation of Intel Atom.
Test moment of hence soft device PCMark and Cinebench R10, this prosesor note the each score 42% and 34,5% higher.
Technology VIA VT had to make the ability of virtualisasi Nano 3000 certifiable.

Quality of graphical card VIA Chrome9 HC3 even also can be abysmal of performance of Intel GMA950.
Besides, pregnant PC of Nano 3000 can be used to turn around the video HD 1080p undefiled.
Unhappily, VIA newly develop the chip Nano 3000 pregnant one nucleus/core.
Though Intel Atom have been made available by its two nucleus/core version

Nano 3000 obtainable in a few variation of clockspeed, among spanning 1GHz and 2GHz.
Entirely walk at FSB 800Mhz and capacities cache 1MB.
"This series represent the quickest prosesor and most efficient which we have now," say the Brownian Richard (VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc.).
This Prosesor have also supported the Windows 7 and equiped by the capability security integrated VIA Padlock Security Engine.

In this time, VIA newly deliver the sampel prosesor Nano 3000 to vendor motherboard and OEM.
Consumer have to bear with until Q1 2010 when this prosesor is produced massly.
So, will succesful VIA " bothering" pacification Intel ? Very attractive to we await.

How your opinion about this competitor ?

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Intell and AMD will deal with the new competitor in business prosesor.
Don't triffle, the competitor, Tilera which have living in San Jose, California, AS will release processor until 100 core, non dual core, triple core, or quadcore.

This Procesor Family TILE-GX is consisted of by four type namely prosesor by 16 core, 36 core, 64 core, and 100 core.

This Procesors is claimed by most energetic in this time among prosesor multicore in PC because in general performance a processor compare diametrical summed uply is core.
Tilera also claim the TILE-GX have the performance value of every watt till ten times fold the ability of chip of Intel generation come the Westmere.
Device of Prosesor Tilera developed by pursuant to technology of Multicore Development Environment base on the interconnection Imesh two dimension negating requirement of on-chip bus and technological of conducive Dynamic Distributed Cache System every local cache in every divisible core with entire core.

Even product designed by Tilera, TILE-GX made technologically process 40 nanometer TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturign Company). This Prosesor put hand to 1.5 GHZ with the energy consumption of among 10-55 watt.
Its own price still not yet been announced and this prosesor is planned release by the end of year 2010.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Processor claimed quickest in the world have 4 processor and have adopted the technology DDR3 as memory controller.

In architecture processor, this processor load 731 million transistor and made with the process fabrication of 45nm.
Although "only" using L1 cache of equal to 64KB and L2 Cache of equal to 256KB, but this processor is supported by L3 Cache of equal to 8 MB which using share to every processor.

Following is picture of architecture Intel Core i7 :

Following type of Intell Core i7 :
  • Core i7 920
  • Core i7 940
  • Core i7 950

Useful hopefully...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Several things causing failure of overclock processor :

  1. Memory generally most dominant. When overclock processor, memory have to make balance to the speed processor.
  2. Abundant heat at processor when using heatsink standard.
  3. Lacking of energy at processor, because mainboard or power supply which is not adequate.
  4. Ability Mainboard which do not support, or do not designed for the overclock processor.
  5. Peripheral ability "other hardware" unable to put hand to the speed processor after overclock.

Overclock processor is activity of "trial and error" or "try and try". Preparation and step which must be done :

  1. Earliest phase is you have to know where place conduct the reset BIOS, if computer locked.
  2. Something else is patience. Doing the increase of speed processor in phase for the step by step. Improvement redundantly will only confuse your analysis. Conducting overclock slowly will be more easy to succeed, and analyse whether computer have earned to work better. And you running some application, whether all have walked normal before improving higher speed processor again. If happened by the failure take example the computer experience of the hang, blue screen or fail to run the certain application.Return to analyse at shares hardware. And look, where making computer fail done by overclock processor.