Thursday, July 23, 2009

Processor claimed quickest in the world have 4 processor and have adopted the technology DDR3 as memory controller.

In architecture processor, this processor load 731 million transistor and made with the process fabrication of 45nm.
Although "only" using L1 cache of equal to 64KB and L2 Cache of equal to 256KB, but this processor is supported by L3 Cache of equal to 8 MB which using share to every processor.

Following is picture of architecture Intel Core i7 :

Following type of Intell Core i7 :
  • Core i7 920
  • Core i7 940
  • Core i7 950

Useful hopefully...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Several things causing failure of overclock processor :

  1. Memory generally most dominant. When overclock processor, memory have to make balance to the speed processor.
  2. Abundant heat at processor when using heatsink standard.
  3. Lacking of energy at processor, because mainboard or power supply which is not adequate.
  4. Ability Mainboard which do not support, or do not designed for the overclock processor.
  5. Peripheral ability "other hardware" unable to put hand to the speed processor after overclock.

Overclock processor is activity of "trial and error" or "try and try". Preparation and step which must be done :

  1. Earliest phase is you have to know where place conduct the reset BIOS, if computer locked.
  2. Something else is patience. Doing the increase of speed processor in phase for the step by step. Improvement redundantly will only confuse your analysis. Conducting overclock slowly will be more easy to succeed, and analyse whether computer have earned to work better. And you running some application, whether all have walked normal before improving higher speed processor again. If happened by the failure take example the computer experience of the hang, blue screen or fail to run the certain application.Return to analyse at shares hardware. And look, where making computer fail done by overclock processor.

Three important matter, after we conduct overclock processor :

  1. Processor have the certain limitation of speed, its speed excelsior hence hot progressively, and unstable. Facing heat can only be faced with the good cooler system. Changing certain type cooler will take care of the successfulness when doing overclock.
  2. Excelsior Multiplier a processor will be unstable progressively. Generally, them which wish to do the overclock take the initiative by way of buying low processor bermultiplier. By multiplier lower, hence speed processor have the percentage of higher, and cheaper of course.
  3. Energy of Power processor. We recognize by overvoltage. By enhancing voltage to processor will take care of the stability computer. When overclock conducted] at fair boundary, overvoltage seldom be done. But, at overclock extreme, overvoltage generally become the taken last choice. Its impact, hot processor progressively. Why overvoltage conducted ?? Faster processor, ever greater or power energy required. By adding power supply to processor with the improvement of voltage or overvoltage will give the power which enough, when speed processor of above standard speed. To increase energy to procesor, at BIOS setup, there are option Vcore. this Number Vcore played by processor to become more stable.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Easy to conduct the overclock processor, but its impact enough wide of to other hardware.
If studying existing computer in this time, doing overclock processor will affect to hardware of like system I/O, VGA and other.
Doing overclock a processor of any MHZ also will race the other shares performance like memory, PCIE, PCI And AGP clock.
Its meaning when procesor with the bus speed 100MHz raced to become 120MHz (20%), hence other speed clock hardware also increase.
Also speed memory will be raced to follow the speed processor that is around 20%.

Many error happened to beginner because they are not too recognizing of calculation, ability and also definition from hardware.
We have to beware in conducting overclock, one of the matter which require to be prepared is cooler and fan (if needed), because processor raced above standard. Readmore...

Overclock in fact conduct the setup of speed of clock CPU at BIOS.
When processor with the speed 1.6Ghz with the bus 100Mhz, its meaning is processor put hand to the speed 16X100Mhz will release the speed processor 1600Mhz or 1.6GHz.
By altering bus at option BIOS, for example from 100Mhz becoming 133Mhz hence computer will work with the speed 2.1GHZ or 16X133Mhz with the result 2.1Ghz or 2.128Mhz.

Whether in such a way easy to do the overclock ??? Right, only by this is computer can be raced and in such a way easy to someone conduct overclock a processor. Readmore...

Especial Target of overclock is race a processor VGA and quicker work CPU.
For example someone wish the computer owned, although use the cheaper processor.
Its speed can come up to the computer owning costlier processor.
There is also special target becoming trend after year 2000.
For example application game.
By overclock , a computer will be more quickly and enjoyed balmier.
By overclock, all peripheral will mount its function.
Last function this is target most commonly used.
Because available of additional peripheral is almost everything made available.
Also supported by company mainboard for the input of system overclock at BIOS.

Unhappily, at the time not yet all growth have perfected.
Because still the limited peripheral of like memory, mainboard and heatsink which do not as complete as this time. Readmore...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Overclock become the foreign term to a beginner interested by hardware.
But for the man who have skilled is area hardwawe, the term represent a standard term and used in everyday life.
Term Overclock compiled from two word that is over and clock with the meaning conducting setup mainboard clock to processor and also a VGA.
overclock interpreted by making quicker computer.
Overclock start conducted when processor 486 DX and first Classic Pentium. But racing processor can only be conducted by jumper at mainboard.
For example Pentium 166Mhz dijumper become the speed 200Mhz, difference pittance of between 166Mhz and 200Mhz.
But fair to middling enough for the speed of in this year.
Noise Overclocker started at 1997 when Intel release the processor type of Celeron have speed 300Mhz with the slot type 1 and raced to crowded multitude become 450Mhz.
Moment of that's emerging all overclocker which start to race the last processor to a point.
A Company, what that moment have mastered the area hardware make the mainboard by option is setting able to by user.
Appearance Abit by mainboard for the setup of via BIOS and mainboard jumperless.
First Abit announce the mainboard by jumper minimize and user can do setup at BIOS for the speed of processor. Readmore...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celeron representative family of Processor Intel, this type of made technologically which is cheaper relative obtainable, so that at the price of which is cheaper than other type processor Intel. Usually, the cache memory is lower the than other Processor Intel type, so that its performance is less quickly.

If you would buy a hardware have to consider the requirement, if just for ordinary typing, light game or game which not need big memory, why having the costly expense ??

As according to its price, of course you can't compare this type with dual core, core duo 2 or core 2 duo. Readmore...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Every procesor have excellence and insuffiency.
We are cannot close over the mentioned.
Right, in this time used, more applied in social activities is Intel, surely for one who is only using computer, its tendency using the Intel, but that way non meaning that processor AMD do not have the excellence, this excellence processor :

  • Cheaper price relative, this matter to compete with the very processor type intel applied in social activities, obtaining higher level processor but at the price of which is same relative
  • Having ability present graphical, which relative better the than at other processor
  • Suited for computer used by game.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Intel® Atom™ Processor is smallest processor, made with the smallest transistor in the world.
Intel® Atom™ processor as a whole made by desain newly, made with the small energy consumption, and in desain specificly for the requirement of peripheral of Mobile Internet and is easy to used.
Especial desire making of Intel Atom is requirement will a peripheral by desain newly, small form but have the high ability to handle the level of requirement of internet.
As a smallest processor, processor Intel® Atom™ supporting usage of Mobile Internet Devices with a new category for the peripheral of internet named by net book.
This Processor also represent technological basis for entire/all newest product of Intel like prosesor Intel® Centrino® Atom.

Any excellence this processor is :

  • Using efficient new peripheral to be more energy by performa is which very well used by entire/all technology of battery hafnium-infused 45nm new high-k silicon
  • Increase of energy Efficiency in smaller new desain so that energy used less than 1 watt untill 2.5 watt for the usage of peripheral mobile
  • Lengthening battery age when time idle so that make the energy used relative very small making peripheral remain to have the energy as well as will conserve energi