Friday, July 10, 2009

Overclock become the foreign term to a beginner interested by hardware.
But for the man who have skilled is area hardwawe, the term represent a standard term and used in everyday life.
Term Overclock compiled from two word that is over and clock with the meaning conducting setup mainboard clock to processor and also a VGA.
overclock interpreted by making quicker computer.
Overclock start conducted when processor 486 DX and first Classic Pentium. But racing processor can only be conducted by jumper at mainboard.
For example Pentium 166Mhz dijumper become the speed 200Mhz, difference pittance of between 166Mhz and 200Mhz.
But fair to middling enough for the speed of in this year.
Noise Overclocker started at 1997 when Intel release the processor type of Celeron have speed 300Mhz with the slot type 1 and raced to crowded multitude become 450Mhz.
Moment of that's emerging all overclocker which start to race the last processor to a point.
A Company, what that moment have mastered the area hardware make the mainboard by option is setting able to by user.
Appearance Abit by mainboard for the setup of via BIOS and mainboard jumperless.
First Abit announce the mainboard by jumper minimize and user can do setup at BIOS for the speed of processor.


  1. Postingannya tentang Quickening mantap! Salam kenal yah!

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