Saturday, July 11, 2009

Easy to conduct the overclock processor, but its impact enough wide of to other hardware.
If studying existing computer in this time, doing overclock processor will affect to hardware of like system I/O, VGA and other.
Doing overclock a processor of any MHZ also will race the other shares performance like memory, PCIE, PCI And AGP clock.
Its meaning when procesor with the bus speed 100MHz raced to become 120MHz (20%), hence other speed clock hardware also increase.
Also speed memory will be raced to follow the speed processor that is around 20%.

Many error happened to beginner because they are not too recognizing of calculation, ability and also definition from hardware.
We have to beware in conducting overclock, one of the matter which require to be prepared is cooler and fan (if needed), because processor raced above standard.