Sunday, July 12, 2009

Three important matter, after we conduct overclock processor :

  1. Processor have the certain limitation of speed, its speed excelsior hence hot progressively, and unstable. Facing heat can only be faced with the good cooler system. Changing certain type cooler will take care of the successfulness when doing overclock.
  2. Excelsior Multiplier a processor will be unstable progressively. Generally, them which wish to do the overclock take the initiative by way of buying low processor bermultiplier. By multiplier lower, hence speed processor have the percentage of higher, and cheaper of course.
  3. Energy of Power processor. We recognize by overvoltage. By enhancing voltage to processor will take care of the stability computer. When overclock conducted] at fair boundary, overvoltage seldom be done. But, at overclock extreme, overvoltage generally become the taken last choice. Its impact, hot processor progressively. Why overvoltage conducted ?? Faster processor, ever greater or power energy required. By adding power supply to processor with the improvement of voltage or overvoltage will give the power which enough, when speed processor of above standard speed. To increase energy to procesor, at BIOS setup, there are option Vcore. this Number Vcore played by processor to become more stable.