Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Intell and AMD will deal with the new competitor in business prosesor.
Don't triffle, the competitor, Tilera which have living in San Jose, California, AS will release processor until 100 core, non dual core, triple core, or quadcore.

This Procesor Family TILE-GX is consisted of by four type namely prosesor by 16 core, 36 core, 64 core, and 100 core.

This Procesors is claimed by most energetic in this time among prosesor multicore in PC because in general performance a processor compare diametrical summed uply is core.
Tilera also claim the TILE-GX have the performance value of every watt till ten times fold the ability of chip of Intel generation come the Westmere.
Device of Prosesor Tilera developed by pursuant to technology of Multicore Development Environment base on the interconnection Imesh two dimension negating requirement of on-chip bus and technological of conducive Dynamic Distributed Cache System every local cache in every divisible core with entire core.

Even product designed by Tilera, TILE-GX made technologically process 40 nanometer TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturign Company). This Prosesor put hand to 1.5 GHZ with the energy consumption of among 10-55 watt.
Its own price still not yet been announced and this prosesor is planned release by the end of year 2010.

Source : info komputer.com

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