Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Predominate the Intel Atom in market netbook ?

Don't worry, VIA ready to sometime technologically is newest.

They just release the break even prosesor of Nano 3000, its target is market of netbook and PC all-in-one.

This represent the router from previous series that is Nano 1000 and 2000.
According to VIA, its newest product can economize the energy 20% and have the performance 30% more pre-eminent compared to its predecessor.

VIA claim the Nano 3000 can handle the compared to better computing operation of Intel Atom.
Test moment of hence soft device PCMark and Cinebench R10, this prosesor note the each score 42% and 34,5% higher.
Technology VIA VT had to make the ability of virtualisasi Nano 3000 certifiable.

Quality of graphical card VIA Chrome9 HC3 even also can be abysmal of performance of Intel GMA950.
Besides, pregnant PC of Nano 3000 can be used to turn around the video HD 1080p undefiled.
Unhappily, VIA newly develop the chip Nano 3000 pregnant one nucleus/core.
Though Intel Atom have been made available by its two nucleus/core version

Nano 3000 obtainable in a few variation of clockspeed, among spanning 1GHz and 2GHz.
Entirely walk at FSB 800Mhz and capacities cache 1MB.
"This series represent the quickest prosesor and most efficient which we have now," say the Brownian Richard (VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc.).
This Prosesor have also supported the Windows 7 and equiped by the capability security integrated VIA Padlock Security Engine.

In this time, VIA newly deliver the sampel prosesor Nano 3000 to vendor motherboard and OEM.
Consumer have to bear with until Q1 2010 when this prosesor is produced massly.
So, will succesful VIA " bothering" pacification Intel ? Very attractive to we await.

How your opinion about this competitor ?

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  1. Biar bgmanapun aq lbh pilih pake chipset-nya intel aja walaupun Via dah keluar yg baru,...coz dr pengalaman yg udah2 Chipset Via selain panas jg krg stabil aplgi kalau d pdukan dg Proc.Intel yg Low-End...hahaha ya tambah panas aja!!! Oh ya teh.Admin kita tukar text Link-nya kalau dah dpsang tolong kabari sy sekalian mampir ke gubuk saya!!!

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