Monday, February 8, 2010

Processor as especial brain, also can cause the problem for the computer, one of them because happened by overheating so that can make the computer often restart and possible turn off sudden.
We need some tips to take care of the temperature processor, by ascertaining cooler processor (headsink) and fan must work better.

Following several things which require to be paid attention to relate the processor :
  • Ascertaining your tabletop prosesor have nub with cream by thermal paste.
  • Thermal Paste or Thermal Grease is functioning brooding materials to lift the heat from prosesor to headsink.
  • For the thermal paste which chromatic silver have the better quality compared to which white chromatic
  • Ascertaining casing have the fluent band sirkulasi, because less casing [of] sirkulasi will cause the component hardware in it, including processor, becoming hot quicker * Neaten the cable, especially compared to [by] wide and bigger fairish type ATA cable [of] cable SATA. natty Cable earn the memperlancar of air stream in casing
  • For the computer of personal, possible You can open the [cover/conclusion] casing, for the effectiveness of draught fluency, although might not as according to esthetics value and is not delicious seen [by] because hardware in it see from outside

Following especial tips to take care of the processor :
  • Deciding extention the electrics from Your computer. Let a few moments so that cooler headsink, later then open the headsink and fan from processor
  • Dissociating fan and headsink, then clean the fan with the wet cloth. Cleaning gap headsink from dirt, or clean by using soft comb or paintbrush. Drying headsink and no rest of water in headsink.
  • Reset the fan by headsink, then pair both to processor of like former.
  • You can conduct the treatment 3 moon once, especially in room which AC. But, if environment of many dirt, treatment can be conducted by every one month once.


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