Sunday, July 12, 2009

Overclock processor is activity of "trial and error" or "try and try". Preparation and step which must be done :

  1. Earliest phase is you have to know where place conduct the reset BIOS, if computer locked.
  2. Something else is patience. Doing the increase of speed processor in phase for the step by step. Improvement redundantly will only confuse your analysis. Conducting overclock slowly will be more easy to succeed, and analyse whether computer have earned to work better. And you running some application, whether all have walked normal before improving higher speed processor again. If happened by the failure take example the computer experience of the hang, blue screen or fail to run the certain application.Return to analyse at shares hardware. And look, where making computer fail done by overclock processor.


  1. nice trik and tips!

  2. Good info sob .. succes for u

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